How to Clean Curtains at Home Using 5 Easy Methods

Your home is a symbol and reflection of your personality and personal style. All the features inside it contribute to the total look and presentation which includes furniture, art d├ęcor items, upholstery, and curtains. Curtains uplift the mood and setting and lend comfort and coziness. Curtains however are prone to getting dirt and those who periodically seek the help of experts like Curtain Cleaning Melbourne services enjoy the curtains much longer.

Regular care and maintenance by specialists like Curtain Cleaners Melbourne services make your curtains longer lasting and promote healthier living and a home environment. But there are various surprisingly easy ways to clean curtains at home and once you understand this, cleaning becomes very easy and doable. To keep your curtains looking like those done by Professional curtain cleaning Melbourne experts, read on to pick a few tips to effectively clean them by yourself!

Curtains are great to look at but collect pollutants, dirt, and dust and will trigger allergies and symptoms if continue to be neglected. They look dull, unhygienic, and even start smelling which not only becomes an eye sore but a breeding ground for unhealthy organisms. So here are a few methods to help you start your cleaning journey-

  1. Dusting using a cloth

Using a clean white soft microfiber cloth or towel wipe down the curtains. This should remove the surface dust. By doing so you will allow the colors and bright and fresh look to be maintained and also minimize dust mites appearing and causing allergies and sneezing. Curtain Cleaning Melbourne specialists often recommend this as the main solution to reducing unexplainable sneezing and coughing.

  1. Vacuum Cleaning

As you use a vacuum cleaner for your upholstered furniture and carpets, use the same to deep cleanse your curtains as well. Cloth dusters might leave smaller dust on the surfaces, vacuum cleaning removes these elements effectively. Use the special brushes for different fabric cleaning. Regular vacuuming is the best practice to fight off pollutants. Just keep the vacuum a bit away to not damage the fabric while running it.

  1. Wiping to remove stains

Curtains get stained and spotted by careless handling by kids, marks from pets, food, and also from accidental liquid spills. As soon as you see stains get to action immediately. Gently blot out with paper towels and clean with cloth dampened in mild soapy liquid and rinse.

  1. Ready to use a homemade cleaning spray

Get useful and handy like Curtain Cleaners Melbourne specialists by making your own cleaning spray. Take two glasses of water and mix in it a teaspoon of baking soda and two spoons of vinegar. Add about half a cup of fabric softener. Put this in a spray bottle and squirt on your curtains frequently to clean it. This will clean and deodorize the curtains.

  1. Hand washing and machine washing your curtains

Unlined delicate curtains specially made of cotton, lace, and silk are best hand-washed. Simply fill a basin or tub with water, add the detergents, and run your fingers to produce suds. Soak the curtains and then rinse the curtains. Very lightly squeeze excess water and hang in open air to dry. If wrinkles appear use an iron on low setting. They will look as good as serviced by Professional Curtain cleaning Melbourne specialists.

Other fabrics like linen, polyester, and rayon curtains may be machine-washed in a gentle cycle with mild detergent and cold water. They may be lightly tumbled dry on low setting or air-dried.

Professional Cleaning

Curtains are expensive buys and often they may be very heavy and rich textured, or very delicate or vintage type. They may also be with deep stains and greasy areas which might be too much for home cleaning to address. Steam cleaning and dry cleaning are excellent cleaning options provided by professional services that revive the fresh look of your curtains and extend their life. The main thing to remember is curtains need care and by reading the label you safeguard its texture and yourself some money by avoiding damage to it. Hot temperatures and harsh detergents are to strictly avoided, as well as direct sun exposure which may cause colors to fade. By just following these simple things you can enjoy your curtains longer and get back on your investment.

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