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As opposed to carpet, wood floors are easy to clean. You can use household products in less time than is usually required to treat the carpet. Once you know how to care for your wood flooring, you should be able to keep them sparkling clean for years. So, how to clean hardwood floors?. Here are the steps you have to do how to clean hardwood floors.

Dust from wood floors. You can use a broom every day to get the job done. Ensure that all dust and other impurities removed before you proceed. If you feel the broom did not do the job, you can even use your vacuum cleaner.

Combine a half cup of white vinegar with one gallon warm water. White vinegar will help make your wood floors even cleaner than using just water alone. Make sure the water is not too hot, as it can damage your floor.

Continue to mop the floor using a mop and a mixture of household vinegar and water. Mop the floor area around the timber, while paying special attention to any area that appears dirty. Do not soak the floor with water because water vapor can be harmful to hardwood flooring. Use only enough water is needed to mop.
Dry wood floors. You can use a towel or dry mop. On some surfaces, may not be necessary to dry after washing. See if you seem to be drying wood floors on their own or if you have to drain their own.

Repeat weekly to keep your wood floor looking its best. Do not mop daily, as it can damage your floor.

It was easy and simple how to clean hardwood floors, your house will be clean forever by following the steps above.
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